Washington Redskin Josh Norman Take 3 months break

After the devastating 43-19 loss to the New Orleans Saints earlier this month. Washington Redskin cornerback Josh Norman broke a 3-month streak of faithfulness. Josh Norman failed to log in to his Bible app, where he goes every morning or evening to read Scripture. He said he was not on a hot streak too he misses that Monday. He always read his Bible. It will not go to happen again. He was on the 90th something day, and then he missed it. He flew that night and they went back that next day at 6 am and his mind was shot. It gives Norman the calmness he needs to start his day when he had a daily Bible reading.


Norman said that he is a believer of Christ, he walks in faith, he tries to do the right things and stay away from pitfalls, but he is human. Norman’s faith led him to join a six-day sponsored trip to Israel for NFL players shortly after the 2018 Super Bowl. He returned by himself to Israel because he loved the journey so much. Norman said that both trips were a quite an experience from top to bottom. He said that it was an eye-opener because going somewhere else and actually able to walk to places where Jesus walked.


Norman said that faith and sports are the same. In addition, he feels with faith, he believes, he cares, he achieves, and all makes mistakes like sports. As well as, we are here for a reason, Norman said. He also said that he doesn’t have this ability of a whim, it comes from something. As you actually go out to there and play, you will give the respect due. Which you came from back to him. All of us try to go out there and be at our best, and we know we need help, we ask for it.


God gives us the strength to go through it, though the abilities that he has given us. Norman thinks the faith actually the ability. Norman is the second-youngest of five brothers, grew up attending a small Baptist church in Greenwood, South Carolina. He spends in church several times a week playing drums and piano. Josh father Roy Norman is a Baptist pastor. Sandra, his mother was raised Methodist and worked as a nurse. Josh Norman’s parents divorced when he was 11.


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